The Sadonian Chronicles

An ancient evil stirs in the west.
A red star glows at the peak of Mount Ganiya.
A river goes suddenly dry.
The signs point to only one thing:

The time of the Heroes has returned.

It's here!

The second book in The Sadonian Chronicles, Fealty and Fire, is now available.  You can check it out with the links at left.  The print version should be up and available very soon, but for now, please feel free to peruse the print versions.

Very soon ...

There's been a slight delay in getting the covers finished up for Fealty and Fire, but the interior files are finished, and the covers should be done by July 15, so the wait is nearly over!

In the meantime, check out the new cover for The Coming of the Heroes, designed by digital artist Donna Casey.  Amazing work, and a beautiful cover!

Coming Soon -- Fealty and Fire

I know I had originally promised the second book in The Sadonian Chronicles would be released in December 2011.  As so often happens, plans don't work out like we hope they will.

However, I can now say that Fealty and Fire will be released this month, June 2012.  It will make its first appearance as an ebook, available at both Amazon and Smashwords, and later in the month -- or perhaps early July -- as a paperback. 

Look for more details as we get closer to the release date.

Coming This December...

The second book in The Sadonian Chronicles, Fealty and Fire, will be released this December.  Look for more information on the release as it draws closer, but for now, mark your calendars, and make sure you've read The Coming of the Heroes so you'll be ready for the sequel when it arrives!

The Coming of the Heroes -- Half Off at Smashwords!

As part of Smashwords' July Summer/Winter sale, you can get The Coming of the Heroes half-off, now through the end of July.  The e-book version is available for nearly any e-book reader you can imagine, as well as other electronic formats you can read on the computer of your choice.  Check it out today, and be sure to tell your friends -- the 50% off deal ends July 31!