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Atrina (uh-TREE-nuh) – one of the Heroes of Sadonia.  Daughter of Kelon, mayor of Olumadi, and his wife, Merielle.  Atrina is smart and intuitive, able to think her way out of situations when others might resort to physical effort or violence.  She is a compassionate person who can also be quick to anger when something she cares about is challenged.
Bevan (be-VAHN) -- the Sadonian War Minister.  To say he is quick to anger is like saying the ocean is a little wet.  Bevan is convinced that every evil that happens anywhere in his purview is attributable, directly or indirectly, to the Yaru.  Even in the presence of hard evidence to the contrary, he refuses to let anything shake his conviction. 

Codrin (COH-drin) -- the Sadonian Royal Cook.  Codrin's purpose in life is to cook, bake, and make sure everyone around his is fed, and he takes his pursuit of that life purpose seriously.  His tonsured bald spot makes him look like a monk, and his religious dedication to the nourishment (and frequently over-nourishment) of those around him only deepen this resemblance. 

Daursan (DOW-er-sahn) -- King of Sadonia and father to Eslin.  Daursan has been King for the past thirty-eight Sadonian years.  He has no children other than Eslin, and his wife (Eslin's mother) is no longer around.  Rumors abound about what happened to Queen Elesse, but there is no hard proof about what happened to her or where she is. 

Eslin (EZ-lin) -- crown prince of Sadonia.  Son of King Daursan and Queen Elesse.  Eslin is impetuous and temperamental, and has a mischievous streak that keeps him in near constant trouble of one sort or another.  Eslin would rather do almost anything than open a book, but he takes his study of weaponry and its use very seriously, almost to the point of obsession.

Maltheon (MAL-thee-ahn) -- the Evil One.  Once a wizard who sought to help the world, a miscast spell turned him into a force for great evil.  Long ago he sought control of all of Anderis, and only through Sadon's intervention was his advance stopped.  Only defeated by Sadon -- not killed -- he has again returned to power, seeking first and foremost revenge against Sadon and all those who follow his name. 

Orpin (OR-pin) -- a man claiming to be a traveling merchant who turns out to be a Yaru soldier. There's a rumor that he is not just a soldier in the Yaru army, but is in fact the notorious General Tark'ka, the most feared and hated general in the past 500 years. 

Phillip Davenport -- a boy from Earth who gets pulled by the Drum of Druva to the throne room of Gabrin Castle. Son of David and Ellen Davenport, of Greenfield, Indiana, both deceased.  Since his parents’ deaths, Phillip is lost and confused, unsure where he fits in or what his place is.  Always one who wants to do the right thing, Phillip is hesitant to break the rules without good cause.  Phillip’s loyalty to his friends makes him a valued ally, though his instinct to believe the best of everybody often gets him in trouble. 

the plant -- a small broad-leaf ivy no more than a foot tall.  It began its life as no more than a simple potted plant, but during a demonstration, Ratham animated it, not only causing it to become mobile, but also, apparently, to have the ability to think, reason, and learn.  How it smiles, eats, or reads is a source of some debate, as is the matter of how a wizard of Ratham's ability managed to bestow sentience upon it. 

Ratham (ra-THAM) -- a wizard in the service of the Sadonian royal family.  He has served several generations of Sadonian kings, though just how many is a fact known only to Ratham.  He says he did not witness the events surrounding Matheon and Sadon's war, which would mean he is less than a thousand years old, though again, just how much less is knowledge only Ratham possesses. 

Sadon (SA-duhn) -- the ancient legendary Hero of Sadonia.  No one knows where Sadon came from or where he ended up, but they do know that he battled Maltheon to a defeat a thousand years ago.  Sadon rallied people to his cause, people who formed the nation of Sadonia after his defeat of Maltheon and his own apparent death. 

Tahn (TAHN) -- the Sadonian Royal Steward.  Tahn's job is to oversee all the castle servants, while attending to the King's every need directly.  Tahn runs a tight ship and keeps all the servants on their toes, though the cost to his own mental state is considerable.  Jittery to the point of annoyance, it's a small wonder he's able to control himself well enough to get anything done.  Despite that, he takes his duties and his service to the royal family very seriously.


Anderis (an-DAIR-is) -- the world of which Sadonia is a part; also the largest landmass on that world.  The continent of Anderis contains seven nations: Sadonia, Yaru, Seamist's Shroud, Gelebrar, Normith, Zuze, and Storn. 

Celestial Plain -- a grassy plain of emerald-green grass that surrounds Gabrin on two sides.  At its edge, the land rises to form a ridge, causing the Celestial Plain to look like the bottom of a bowl. 

Chiluca (chi-LOO:-kah) -- great market town of Sadonia.  Located up the Great Tadra River from Gabrin.  The city is one huge market, and is in fact the largest city in Sadonia. 

Dwarvenwood -- great forest due south of Gabrin.  Home to a colony of dwarves of unknown number.  Visitors are not welcome. 

Forest of Thress -- large forest in northwestern Sadonia and southern Zuze.  The trees in the Forest of Thress are unlike any found elsewhere in Anderis, giving the wood from them great value. 

Gabrin (gah-BRIN) -- capital city of Sadonia, located in central Sadonia.  Can refer to just Gabrin Castle, or to the castle and surrounding town collectively. 

Gabrin Town (gah-BRIN) -- sprawling town located adjacent to Gabrin Castle to the west.  Bordered on the north by the Great Tadra river, and on the west and south by the Celestial Plain. 

Great Plain -- land area in southeast Sadonia, bordered on the north by the Ina River, on the west by the Tadra river, and on the south and east by the ocean.  It is almost totally flat with no features other than short grass. With no discernible landmarks, it is very easy to become lost or disoriented here. 

Great Tadra River (TAH-druh) -- River that flows south into Sadonia from western Normith.  It joins with the Little Tadra River at the northeast corner of Gabrin Castle.  The largest city on the Great Tadra is the market city of Chiluca. 

Ina River (EE-nuh) -- river that splits off the Tadra river halfway between Gabrin and the northern edge of Dwarvenwood and flows almost due east to the sea.  Geologically speaking, the Ina River should not exist. 

Lindina (lihn-DEE-nuh) -- small farming community in western Sadonia, on the Dark River.  It sits at the foothills of the Zaliyanu Mountains, placing the town squarely in the crosshairs of any potential Yaru attacks. 

Little Tadra River (TAH-druh) -- river that flows south into Sadonia from eastern Normith.  It joins with the Great Tadra River at the northeast corner of Gabrin Castle.  Olumadi was the largest town on the Little Tadra River until its destruction. 

Mount Ganiya (GAHN-yuh) -- the tallest of the Zaliyanu Mountains. 

Normith (NOHR-mith) -- can refer to a country north of Sadonia or to that country's people.  Bordered on the south by Sadonia, the west by Gelebrar, the east by Zuze, and the north by Storn.  The Normith have a very provincial life, placing great stock in tradition and ceremony.  The Normith are very stern people, helpful and polite, but friendly only after years of acquaintance. 

Olumadi (oh-loo:-MAH-dee) -- small town up the Little Tadra River from Gabrin.  The citizens work primarily in the lumber trade, cutting down wood from the Forest of Thress for half the year and refining and readying that wood for trade.  The town is ruined by a meteorite strike, and completely obliterated by a second meteorite strike three and a half days later. 

Sadonia (suh-DOH-nee-uh) -- country in southeastern Anderis.  They speak a language called Common that sounds like English but is written completely differently.  It is bordered by ocean on the south and east, by Yaru and Seamist's Shroud on the west, and by Gelebrar, Normith, and Zuze on the north. 

South Sea -- Great body of water due south of Anderis.  Only one body of land -- Banlag Island -- is known to exist in the South Sea. 

Storn -- can refer to the farthest north country in Anderis or to that country's people.  Little is known about the Storn except that they are a reclusive people, never have contact with outsiders, and any who venture into their lands tend not to return. 

Tadra River (TAH-druh) -- river formed by the confluence of the Great and Little Tadra Rivers.  Flows from the northeast corner of Gabrin Castle south through Dwarvenwood and on to the South Sea. 

Yaru (YAH-roo:) -- can refer to the country to the west of Sadonia or to that country's people.  Bordered on the north and east by the Zaliyanu mountains, and on the south and west by Seamist's Shroud.  Yaru is an arid, rocky land with only one river as a source of water.  The harsh conditions and their resultant lack of resources help give rise to the Yaru's militant tendencies. 

Zaliyanu Mountains (zah-li-YAH-noo:) -- treacherous mountain range forming the border between Sadonia and Yaru.  The range also forms much of the border between southern Gelebrar and northern Yaru.  The peaks are nearly impassible and completely inhospitable. 

Zuze -- (ZOO:-zeh) -- can refer to a country to the northeast of Sadonia or to that country's people.  Bordered on the east by Normith, on the south by Sadonia, and on the north and west by the ocean.  The Zuze are a very quiet people who cultivate arts and intricate crafts.  They have a very skilled and elite military force, one that places emphasis on honor and ceremony above all else.


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